SlappyFish is under review @ Apple’s App Store

SlappyFish has been submitted to Apple’s App Store and is waiting for review! Will let you know if and when it becomes available. Here’s the latest preview.

SlappyFish making progress

Have done some bug fixes and changed the main theme music for SlappyFish. There are still a few small issues that need to be addressed. Also working on the leader boards (high scores) currently.

SlappyFish RC2 (Release Candidate 2)

The release date of SlappyFish is rapidly approaching. Check back often on this site or our Facebook page to see the status of SlappyFish. Facebook page:

SlappyFish with Shark and Stingray Attacks!

Note: Shark attacks will not happen this often in the real game. The attacks are more often for the demo. This game is like real life, so it’s not easy. I will tweak it so that it’s fair… Read More

SlappyFish’s Progress

We’re aiming for a release date of early December. 🙂

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