Download America’s newest arcade hit

People are absolutely loving this new arcade game.

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The awesome new free version of SlappyFish is here! Comes with 3 bonus lives, much improved graphics, great sound effects and music. A truly enjoyable game experience! This is a full version of the game. The only difference from this and the paid version is this has a small banner at the bottom of the screen, and doesn’t include the convenient ‘Pause’ button.

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The new and improved SlappyFish arcade game for iOS is here! It will be uploaded to the app store Sunday evening, and then it will be available for download as soon as it’s reviewed by Apple.

New free version: SlappyFish Battle

This free version of SlappyFish is actually a full version of the game. It does everything the full version does except that it doesn’t have a pause button.

Download SlappyFish Battle:

SlappyFish is now available!

SlappyFish is now available for sale at the Apple app store!

Here is the link:


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